“ELEVÈ “Do It Again” Official Music Video” on YouTube

ELEVÈ “Do It Again” Official Music Video: http://youtu.be/ukcNJo0KbXo
Produced by HOWER Productions, Directed by Kerry Brent Hower http://kerryhower.wix.com/kerrybrenthower

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The Truth About God

Something wonderful has been happening to me for awhile now. I’m going through a spiritual awakening, a metamorphosis if you will.

It didn’t just happen, it was a conscious choice.

No, I didn’t suddenly find God in a church. I do not belong to any church. I belong to God. Not a denomination, not a religion, not a spiritual leader, not a book written by the Catholic Church, or some human, calling himself a prophet, that pretends to know, and speak to God.

You’ll find the one, and only true God, by seeking him.  God is not going to come to you. You must go to God on your own. You must seek, the one and only true God, with an honest, open heart, and with humility. God wants to enter your life.

God is not a church, or a religion. That is a what man has created for himself, for wealth and power. God has nothing to do with those worldly things. God is spiritual. God is what gives your human life peace, at those moments in your life when you’ll need God the most.

God is omnipresent. God is everywhere.

God is love. God does not hate. God does not kill. God does not make war, God has never given any man the authority to kill another man in his name.  That is man again, doing the evil that men do for their own evil reasons.

You don’t need a church, or a human beings permission to find God. No human being can take God from you.

Seek God, and you’ll find the Almighty Spirit.  Open your heart and mind to your creator. If you’re honest and welcome God into your heart, and your life… God will come.

God is coming soon anyway… make sure you know God when that day comes.

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Watch “Studio Sessions with Shyla Day- Blank Space Cover” on YouTube

BLANK SPACE… 2000 Views and CLIMBING… Studio Sessions with Shyla Day- Blank Space Cover: http://youtu.be/Cy36hibH5ds
Produced and Directed by
Kerry Brent Hower.

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WAKE UP FRIENDS! Don’t spend ONE more second living someone else’s LIFE. MAKE YOUR PATH. The Human SPIRIT… It’s Your Soul People, it’s CRYING Out to You! DO SOMETHING for God’s Sake! Don’t let your life and your dreams pass you by. It’s never too late to change your direction.

Inertia and positive momentum reinforced by courage, determination and the human spirit willing to starve and suffer for the creation of that picture perfect image in his/her mind’s eye. The PATH that you’ve searched for is pounding in your chest and your dreams lay at your FEET. Have some HEART and take your first steps towards the life you were meant for. Fearless, for God loves YOU… For your faith, and courage in the face of trying times, and overwhelming obstacles as you make your way down the path to your DESTINY. GOD BLESS YOU!

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The Color Of Your Skin…


I don’t care what color your skin is. I do care what kind of human being you are though.

For example: I don’t like “Thugs”. Black, white, brown, green or pink.

The color of a person’s skin has nothing to do with who you are inside. Your character, attitude, and behavior do that for you.  The way in which you treat other human beings, does that for you. How you live your life, is what defines you.

Don’t fall for the race baiting happening by the media and our President. Rise above it America.

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Watch “Studio Sessions with Shyla Day- Blank Space” on YouTube

Studio Sessions with Shyla Day- Blank Space: http://youtu.be/Cy36hibH5ds
Directed by Kerry Brent Hower

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The Immigration Issue

The immigration issue isn’t about being heartless to the affected.  It’s about taking care of your own people first. Like Veterans for one.
It’s about the rule of law… and following a legal path into this country like so many others have done.  It’s about not making your first step into this country an illegal one. It’s the fact that we are a sovereign nation, with the right to make a determination, if we even want you in our country.

This world has become far to dangerous to allow our borders to remain open. We can no longer allow the continued invasion of this country, by a mass of endless people that are overwhelming, and consuming all of the social, and medical services, meant for the actual citizens of this country. It’s about the releasing of  millions, of what will now be legal immigrants into a work force marketplace, competing for jobs in an already struggling economy.

That’s the primary issues from most Americans point of view. Not that we’re out to create unjust suffering.  We take care of our own, and our country first. That’s where my loyalties are.

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Dear Mr. President

Dear President Obama,

The majority of American People have spoken. You do remember us right?

Anyway, we expect you to do what the American people elected you to do. What we want, need, and expect from you.  Not what you and your left wing liberal party desire.

Here’s what the MAJORITY of Americans want.

1. Our Government to work on the side of the American people its supposed to represent.  Not Wallstreet.

2. Make our borders safe. Enforce the immigration laws we currently have, and close the borders.  Make being an American a privilege, not a right.  Deport everyone that entered the USA illegally.  You must enter legally. No exceptions. PERIOD!!!

3. TORT & Tax Reform.  Build our economy. Roll back needless regulations that have stifled economic growth for years, and sent businesses and American jobs to Asia.

4. Make Education affordable. Education is a right, and it should be affordable to everyone. It should not bankrupt,  or be a burden for parents to give their children a college education.

5. Keep us safe. Destroy our enemies, and the enemy of peaceful, freedom loving people around the world.

6. Give back the American Dream that’s been stolen from many of us. Give hard working people, an opportunity to make a better life and save for our  future and retirement.  No healthy person, or one in their right mind, wants your Government Welfare. The ability to provide for our families and stand on our feet is what we desire.

If you do that, I won’t need your Government forced health insurance. I’ll buy my own. I’ll also invest, and save my own money for the future, and my retirement.  I won’t need your Government handouts.  People who work and have an opportunity to make a better life, tend to be better citizens.  It’s the hopeless that do desperate things. Give the American people hope and opportunities… that’s all we need.

Are you listening Mr. President?

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My Destiny

I don’t believe in a random life, I believe in destiny. I believe that there are very important events, intersections and crossroads in everyone’s life. And it’s when you meet these events, intersections and crossroads, that opportunities (both good and bad) present themselves. It’s the choices that you make at these times of your life that send you on a path and in a direction leading you to a destiny. Stop, and take a moment to reflect and do a mental inventory on your own life and look at all the events that occurred where you made decisions that set your life on a path and direction. If you’re not happy with you life’s direction, don’t fall into dismay. There will be another event in your life, where you will come to an intersection, where the crossroads will meet again. It’s at these times that you can change the current road you’re on and take a whole new path and direction leading you to an entirely new destiny. I believe this with all my heart. I do not believe I am on this earth living a random life. I am the captain of the ship that is my life. I am the master of my own destiny.Image

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Lt. Micheal Murphy, An American Hero

If you don’t know the story of Lt. Michael Murphy and Operation Red Wings.  It will do you good to meet this man in memories told by the people who knew him best.  The documentary “Murph The Protector” tells the heroic and incredible story of the life of this man.  But he was a man that believed in the concept of “TEAM”. and he would have wanted for all his men’s story to be told along side his own.  The film “Lone Survivor” tells the whole story of “Operation Red Wings”. I hope that you get the chance to watch and reflect on these films for your own personal knowledge and growth.   

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