Abracadabra! Overnight…I’m an ACTOR!


It’s Magic!!!

I actually break out laughing at times when I hear some “person” with absolutely no professional training whatsoever say… “I Can Do That!”… Oh really?

People actually think that one morning…they wake up as an “ACTOR”. Yep!!! You heard me… That’s all it took. Overnight, through some sort magical and mystifying force of nature, or perhaps a GOD given talent emerges, and… PRESTO CHANGOH!!! You have overnight, achieved and surpassed and should be given the opportunity to jump the line in front of all of those who actually HAVE professional training and a resume to show for all their hard work and efforts. But YOU!, in the BLINK of an EYE, in what took some of us YEARS of hard work and dedication to a craft and a way of life… You are in that Nano-Second transformed into a professional ACTOR.

YES! It’s all of us untalented peasants that require special training to stand in front of a camera or on a stage to “deliver the line”. It’s just that FING easy… It takes NO real talent.

I’ve made a decision…the next person I hear say that… I’m going to KILL you.

So don’t make me kill you…go get some training and earn it if you want to be an actor.


About Kerry Brent Hower

I’m an Actor, Writer, Director and Producer. I dabble in Film and Video and I like to think of myself as a professional. Highly motivated and passionate about life and all it has to offer. I try and create something new every day. In my spare time I'm like to live dangerously... If it's not scaring me then I'm not having any fun... People say "I'm an adrenalin junky"... I disagree... I'm a "live life to the fullest junky". Fast cars and fast motorcycles taken to the edge of control gets my heart pumping. Let’s GO FAST!!!
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