This is INSPIRITION personified. If MALALA YOUSAFZI were the representative of ISLAM and her faith had loving heart like hers. I would look at that religion as one of peace and love, not one of hate and war.
I’m very confused at the moment because I loved this young girls message. I’m going to open my heart to Islam and give them a chance. I’m not going to judge them anymore… I’m going to deal with the person in front of me and I’m not going to judge them. Because I know I was guilty of that. I’m sorry Malala. please forgive me.  But thank you for opening my eyes and my heart.
How AWESOME would it be if we could just love and respect each other as human beings.  Respect & Dignity, you have to give it to people freely.  We need to live in a world where there is common laws.  The message of HATE and WAR has never accomplished anything but to further the misery.  The Human Race…we’re all ONE.  The sooner we realize that we’re all just Human Beings trying to make are way through life.  There has to be a common thread. A connection that will bring the world to a place where peace and love replace hate and war in our hearts


About Kerry Brent Hower

I’m an Actor, Writer, Director and Producer. I dabble in Film and Video and I like to think of myself as a professional. Highly motivated and passionate about life and all it has to offer. I try and create something new every day. In my spare time I'm like to live dangerously... If it's not scaring me then I'm not having any fun... People say "I'm an adrenalin junky"... I disagree... I'm a "live life to the fullest junky". Fast cars and fast motorcycles taken to the edge of control gets my heart pumping. Let’s GO FAST!!!
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