The Truth About God

Something wonderful has been happening to me for awhile now. I’m going through a spiritual awakening, a metamorphosis if you will.

It didn’t just happen, it was a conscious choice.

No, I didn’t suddenly find God in a church. I do not belong to any church. I belong to God. Not a denomination, not a religion, not a spiritual leader, not a book written by the Catholic Church, or some human, calling himself a prophet, that pretends to know, and speak to God.

You’ll find the one, and only true God, by seeking him.  God is not going to come to you. You must go to God on your own. You must seek, the one and only true God, with an honest, open heart, and with humility. God wants to enter your life.

God is not a church, or a religion. That is a what man has created for himself, for wealth and power. God has nothing to do with those worldly things. God is spiritual. God is what gives your human life peace, at those moments in your life when you’ll need God the most.

God is omnipresent. God is everywhere.

God is love. God does not hate. God does not kill. God does not make war, God has never given any man the authority to kill another man in his name.  That is man again, doing the evil that men do for their own evil reasons.

You don’t need a church, or a human beings permission to find God. No human being can take God from you.

Seek God, and you’ll find the Almighty Spirit.  Open your heart and mind to your creator. If you’re honest and welcome God into your heart, and your life… God will come.

God is coming soon anyway… make sure you know God when that day comes.


About Kerry Brent Hower

I’m an Actor, Writer, Director and Producer. I dabble in Film and Video and I like to think of myself as a professional. Highly motivated and passionate about life and all it has to offer. I try and create something new every day. In my spare time I'm like to live dangerously... If it's not scaring me then I'm not having any fun... People say "I'm an adrenalin junky"... I disagree... I'm a "live life to the fullest junky". Fast cars and fast motorcycles taken to the edge of control gets my heart pumping. Let’s GO FAST!!!
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