“FAKE FRIENDS” – Sometimes we need to identify and separate the true friends from the fake friends in our lives. A true friend doesn’t go out of his/her way to criticize you for being you, or make you feel bad about yourself at every opportunity. A true friend builds you up, and doesn’t tare you down. A true friend believes in you and is someone that accepts you for who you are, faults and all. As we grow older we don’t lose friends, we just learn who the real ones are. If a so-called friend is constantly putting you down and pointing out all that’s wrong with you… that’s not a friend… that’s an asshole. Kick the asshole to the curb and don’t feel bad about it, your fake friend already did that to you, don’t do it to yourself…and don’t look back.

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Life’s Reasons

Life's Reasons

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HOWER Productions – I would not normally make a public comment like this… But, this week I made a business decision, the hardest business decision I’ve ever made in my life… and I’ve made some tough ones in the past.
I replaced a child actress that did nothing wrong, and did not deserve it. I made this decision after looking at it from all angles and realizing that it would be foolish from a… business perspective not to make this move. Stupid really. I would have had to fire myself for not making that move.  It’s never easy being the boss or the person who makes the decisions that affect people’s lives. Trust ME!
It was not personal and I did it with a heavy heart. The situation that created the need to make the change was also not her fault and was a victim of her circumstances. Is it fair to that young girl that I did this…HELL NO it’s not. But, this is a very tough business and not meant for the timid or the weak. You’ll get ran over and no one will notice or care. That is the business.
I know she’ll bounce back from this a stronger person for it. I hope and pray that I never have to do that ever again. To anyone, kid or adult.
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It’s NOT about fame and it’s not about money. I’ve lived my entire life without those things…what the HELL makes you think I need them now?  NO!  It’s about doing something I LOVE and can’t live without.  It’s about leaving something behind… so that when I leave this world… I will have left something for you to remember me by. I don’t want you to forget me. Can you even begin to comprehend that?  If you don’t have dreams and goals and passion for your life and love it.  My God, I feel so very sorry for you.


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This is INSPIRITION personified. If MALALA YOUSAFZI were the representative of ISLAM and her faith had loving heart like hers. I would look at that religion as one of peace and love, not one of hate and war.
I’m very confused at the moment because I loved this young girls message. I’m going to open my heart to Islam and give them a chance. I’m not going to judge them anymore… I’m going to deal with the person in front of me and I’m not going to judge them. Because I know I was guilty of that. I’m sorry Malala. please forgive me.  But thank you for opening my eyes and my heart.
How AWESOME would it be if we could just love and respect each other as human beings.  Respect & Dignity, you have to give it to people freely.  We need to live in a world where there is common laws.  The message of HATE and WAR has never accomplished anything but to further the misery.  The Human Race…we’re all ONE.  The sooner we realize that we’re all just Human Beings trying to make are way through life.  There has to be a common thread. A connection that will bring the world to a place where peace and love replace hate and war in our hearts


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INTEGRITY… It is the cornerstone of your foundation. It defines you as a human being. Never sacrifice it… If you do, it’s like you’re a magnificent marble statue and you’re chipping away, defacing yourself with a hammer and chisel.

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Political CHANGE

It’s the sheep that follow the shepherd who leads the flock astray that are to blame? REALLY…NO! The AMERICAN PEOPLE elect their leaders with the expectation that the person running for that elected office might actually follow through with the promises made in all those speeches.  You expect that person will have integrity and honor.  But SADLY… time & time again, we elect them, and time & time again, the American People are lied too.
And many of you blame the American People for the leaders they’ve chosen.  Well, maybe…OR… MAYBE it’s the fault of the SOB doing all the LYING!
And another thing… When you have as diverse of a society as we have, you’re always going to have issues to resolve that have to do with race and the divide between those who “HAVE” and those who “HAVE NOT”.
A LOT of people are just stupid is what I’ve discovered.  Many want to simplify very complicated issues that can’t be solved by Liars & IDIOTS!
Do any of you have any answers to the problems we face or do you just BITCH about them? Or, is your answer to criticize and blame the American People for the liars and the cheats that we constantly elect and who constantly “F” us over?
We expect the best efforts from our elected leaders and they give us their worst. How is that the “People’s” fault?
All I know is this… We’re being led astray by a steady stream of liars and cheats that are inherently ingrained into our two party political system.  It will take a leader of IMMENCE Integrity, Honor and with a sense of loyalty, not to a political party, but to the AMERICAN PEOPLE before REAL meaningful CHANGE can take place. WE need a NEW Government!
Change actually happens when you actually make one.  Thomas Jefferson is rolling over in his grave right now and if he were here today…He’d be leading the REVOLUTION!!!

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Man On A Mission

Man On A Mission

WAKE UP FRIENDS! Don’t spend ONE more second living someone else’s LIFE. MAKE YOUR PATH. The Human SPIRIT… It’s Your Soul People, it’s CRYING Out to You! DO SOMETHING for God’s Sake! Don’t let your life and your dreams pass you by. It’s never too late to change your direction.

Inertia and positive momentum reinforced by courage, determination and the human spirit willing to starve and suffer for the creation of that picture perfect image in his/her mind’s eye. The PATH that you’ve searched for is pounding in your chest and your dreams lay at your FEET. Have some HEART and take your first steps towards the life you were meant for. Fearless, for God loves YOU… For your courage in the face of trying times and overwhelming obstacles as you make your way down the path to your DESTINY. GOD BLESS YOU!

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I’m MOMENTUM in Motion and my Mission is DESTINY.  I invented the REBEL. Just ask anyone who really knows me. But I’m a REBEL with a Cause.  I’m a ASTRONAUT and a GUNSLINGER all rolled into one.  I Break the RULES just because you made them…… and because I CAN.  I do what I do because this is MY LIFE, I don’t need your permission or blessing and I’m not asking for it either.  I march to the BEAT of my own DRUM.  I’m drawing a line in the SAND, either get behind ME or get the HELL Out of My WAY! I’m a Born LEADER, I’m NOT following ANYONE!
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MOMENTUM… Sometimes in life, you must set one thing down and pick up another in order to keep moving in a positive direction. One foot in front of the other, if you’re not moving forward then you’re either standing still or backing up. I don’t do either of those things.

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